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Custom Window Cling Printing

A window cling is a way to use your store's windows to tell a message, whether it's a clearance sale, new inventory arrival, or something less conventional. Window Cling material applications have expanded beyond the window to include painted walls and smooth surfaces of all kinds. Use window clings for promotional messaging. When you want to display your message on a window or a wall and be able to remove it without leaving a residue or pulling paint (in good condition), try window clings. Place them in retail locations with heavy foot traffic to get the job done.

Our window design clings are designed to cling to a window by using mini dot low tac adhesive backing and prints in full color on one side. It's designed for display on a glass surface, though you can also use it on a smooth and flat surface. Window design clings come in a range of sizes from 12" x 12" to 52" x 100.' Which means, you can order a custom size without any issues. Although some standard sizes are 12" x 12", 18" x 24", 24" x 36", 36" x 48". There is no popular window cling size as it all depends on the area that you want to cover with graphics. Unfortunately, we currently don't provide an online design tool but our team of professional designers could get the job done fast and efficiently. If you are looking for a more affordable and permanent option then check out our Double-Sided Window Decals.




  • Max size 52" x 100'
  • Mini-dot low tack adhesive Vinyl backing
  • Removable & Repositionable
  • Indoor or Outdoor; Waterproof and UV safe that will last for years
  • Durable Material
  • Full-Color Printing




  • 7 mil White Static Cling 


What Are Clear Window Films

Completely customizable, window clings are designed for installing on windows really easily and fast. Made from vinyl material window clings showcase logos, designs, etc. Window Films have a low adhesive on the non-printed side, which makes it easier to install, remove, or reposition. Custom Window Cling Films could be displayed on a smooth, non-porous surface such as glass, metal, plastic, vehicle windows, etc.


Removable and Repositionable Window Display 

Unlike vinyl window decals, window design clings get to cling to the window, repositioned, and reused without losing any adhesive strength due to their durable adhesive material The reason for this is because the vinyl material cling which acts like a suction cup when pressed to the surface. To cling it to a window or surface, remove the white backing, spray it and the surface with light soap and a bit of water mixture and press it firmly into place. Your customized cling will then stick to the surface.

If you want to reposition your window cling then just peel it away from the surface, spray it with soapy water then install it again on your intended. If you want to store your cling somewhere then just peel it away from the surface and re-apply the backing that was peeled off previously.


Clear Background

Our custom clings DO NOT print with a clear background, but rather on opaque white vinyl material. If you are looking for a clear material, try our clear window decal. A clear background offers a transparent display option for your window. All areas of the design that don't contain a background color will be transparent. Also, all designs uploaded to your design with colored backgrounds won't be clear.


Display Options

Standard - Viewable from the outside and installed on the outside of the surface. The window design cling will have a semi-gloss finish.

Inside Glass - Not Available. Viewable from the outside but is installed on the inside surface of the glass. It will have a slightly glossy appearance, with your design printed on the back, so the front of the cling could stick on the inside of the glass and be viewable outside.


Static Cling Vs Removable Window Cling

The easiest way to describe static window clings is that it's a decal that sticks without any adhesive. Window clings are synonymous with static clings. The different terms are just a case of semantics. Window clings act as a suction cup when installed on a smooth surface. They will adhere to smooth surfaces without any adhesive.

With proper installation, your window cling could last a year and even more. Not only do they stay in place but since no adhesive is used the window cling could be repositioned and reused again and again. So, whether you call them clear static clings or clear window clings you'll be getting a versatile window sign.

Additional Specs

Weight .09Ibs per square foot
Thickness .0169" (about the thickness of 4 sheets of copy paper)
Detail Clear, low adhesion, repositionable, reusable, outside or inside glass display, durable.
Uses Indoor or limited outdoor use, storefronts, windows
Print Method Four color process, eco-friendly, weather, fade, and abrasion resistant UV ink
Estimated Lifespan1+ years with proper placement and care


How to Install Clear Window Films

Installing a full-color custom window cling could be done in a few easy steps. The only tools you need for the installation of your window cling is, obviously the window cling itself, a clean surface, a soap and warm water mixture in a spray bottle, and a squeegee.

1) Thoroughly clean the surface of the glass or smooth, non-porous surface you're installing your window cling to. Use water or any other household window cleaner.

2) Once the surface is clean, gently peel the white backing away from your window cling

3) Use the warm water and soap mixture to spray the surface that you are intending to install your window cling on and the non-printed side of your window cling. (the front for inside glass window clings or the rear for outside glass).

4) Apply the cling to the surface by starting at the top, and applying pressure as you work your way to the bottom.

5) Run down the cling with a squeegee to remove excess water or bubbles.

6) Once dry, your custom window cling will adhere to the window while still being removable and repositionable.



Your custom window cling could easily be cleaned by using a damp cloth. Gently wipe the dirt from the surface of the cling and surrounding the window. When you need to store your window cling gently remove it wipe it with the damp cloth to remove any dirt that is still on it, then re-apply the white backing that originally came with the window cling on the "adhesive" side. If you are in no possession of the white backing that originally came with the window cling then you could just use wax paper as the backing.


Production Time

Our standard turnaround time for this product is 3 business days, with $15 overnight shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.

Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are Window Cling Films?

Clear window films are a type of vinyl film that can be applied to windows, mirrors, glass doors, etc. These window films come in many sizes and shapes. Some are designed to be permanent, others are meant to be removed after a short period of time. There are also some window films that are made specifically for temporary applications such as holiday decorations. For more affordable options check out our Double-Sided Window Decals.


What are the benefits of using a window display?

Build curiosity around your brand Stand out with custom shapes & sizes Easy to install, remove, and reuse Install inside or outside windows


What is the window clings used for?

Retail establishments, eateries, spas, salons, grocers, and more employ window clings. Window decals are also excellent for temporary spaces like conference rooms and trade fair displays. The signs themselves are used for point-of-purchase advertising, point-of-sale advertising, and sales and promotions.


What size window clings are available?

We offer custom sizes ranging from 12" x 12" to 53" x 1200". Select the perfect size for your custom cling.


What material is the window clings made of?

They are printed on 7 mil White Static Cling


What do you want?

Tell us what sign you want, how big you want it, and what you would like on it and we'll have it ready for you in no time!


How would I install my custom design cling?

Prior to applying the cling, make sure the surface has been thoroughly cleaned and has had time to dry. The cling should then be applied, and the water should be wiped away using a squeegee or a plastic card.


How do I store my window cling?

You must preserve the liner that a longboard initially arrives on if you're using one. You may carefully reattach the cling using this lining, then keep it in a cool, dry area. You may just store them flat between wax paper sheets if you don't have the liner. Avoid folding or rolling your clings since doing so might potentially harm them.


How do I clean the window cling?

Using a moist cloth or sponge and soapy water, you should clean your cling. Wipe the back of your cling gently to get rid of any dirt or grime accumulation. The memory stick in your camera will last longer if you clean your cling frequently.


If my cling doesn't attach anymore to my window how can I fix that?

By washing your window cling with soapy water and then rinsing it with clean water, you may revive it. Spray water on the glass and the cling before reinstalling. The cling can then be applied to the window using a squeegee. 


How fast can I get my Custom Cling?

After approval, production is 3 business days and we provide overnight shipping. 

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