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Elevate Your Event with Premium Table Tent Cards

Transform your event tables into elegant showcases with our premium tent cards. Crafted with high-quality materials, these cards add a touch of sophistication to any occasion. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or banquet, our tent cards are the perfect choice to guide guests to their designated seats with style.


Custom Design Services Available

Personalize your tent cards to match the theme and ambiance of your event with our custom design services. Our talented team of designers will work closely with you to create stunning cards that reflect your unique style and vision. From elegant typography to custom graphics, we'll bring your ideas to life and ensure your cards leave a lasting impression on your guests.


Convenient Size for Any Setting

Measuring at 3.5"x4", our place cards are designed to fit seamlessly on any table without overwhelming the space. The compact size ensures that your table settings remain clean and organized while still providing clear visibility for guests to easily find their seats. Whether you're hosting an intimate dinner party or a grand reception, our cards are the perfect solution for all your seating arrangements.


Versatile Usage for Various Events

Our custom table tent cards are not limited to weddings; they are perfect for a wide range of events and occasions. Whether it's a corporate seminar, conference, or charity gala, our versatile cards provide a practical and stylish solution for organizing seating arrangements. With their timeless design and premium quality, they add a touch of sophistication to any event, making them a must-have for event planners and hosts alike.


High-Quality Materials for Long-Lasting Impressions

Crafted with durable materials, our table tent cards are built to withstand any event. The premium quality ensures that your cards maintain their elegance and integrity throughout the duration of your event. Whether they're displayed indoors or outdoors, our cards will continue to impress your guests with their impeccable quality and timeless design.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I customize the design of the table tent cards?

A: Yes, we offer custom design services to personalize your cards according to your preferences.


Q: What are the dimensions of the tent cards?

A: The flat size of our tent cards is 3.5"x4", making them perfect for any table setting.


Q: Can I request custom sizes for the tent cards?

A: Currently, we do not offer custom sizes for our tent cards. However, our standard flat size of 3.5"x4" is designed to fit most table settings seamlessly.


Q: Are the cards suitable for outdoor events?

A: Yes, our tent cards are crafted with durable materials suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.


Q: Do you offer bulk discounts for large orders?

A: Yes, we offer special pricing for bulk orders. Please contact us for more information.


Q: Can I order samples of the cards before placing a larger order?

A: Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer sample packs for customers to review the quality and design of our cards. However, rest assured that our cards are crafted from high-quality matte white cardstock material, ensuring durability and a sophisticated finish.


Q: Are the cards recyclable?

A: Yes, our cards are made from recyclable materials, making them eco-friendly options for your events.


Q: Do you provide assistance with seating arrangements for events?

A: While we don't offer seating arrangement services, our custom design team can create cards tailored to your seating plan.


Q: How long does it take to receive the custom table tent cards?

A: We offer a speedy turnaround time of 1 business day for custom orders. Additionally, for an extra cost, we provide the option for same-day turnaround with convenient pickup.


Q: Can I use the cards for events other than weddings?

A: Absolutely! Our tent cards are versatile and suitable for various events, including corporate functions, parties, and conferences.

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