Business Catalog Printing

Print your design for your catalog or magazine today! Catalogs are an amazing form of communication between your business and your customers and clients because it shows them that you care about making information about your services easily accessible to them. You can use a catalog in just about any business - all you have to do is showcase what products or services that your business has to offer! Catalogs are effective in getting a closer look at what kind of services that someone may want from your business and how much it'll cost, in a very organized manner.

The inside pages of the catalog are printed on your choice of 100lb. gloss paper or 70 lb. uncoated paper, with front and back printing. The cover of the catalog is printed on either 100lb. gloss paper or 100 lb. gloss cardstock. Catalogs are printed using saddle-stitching, which means that the pages of the catalog are folded together and stapled neatly on the spine of the fold.

Custom Magazine Printing

While a catalog can be used to show a selection of your products and services to your customers, a catalog can also be repurposed into a magazine! Magazines and catalogs are extremely similar, with the only difference being the content that you create for them. Magazines are printed using the same stitching option and paper material, so you can print magazines to communicate with products about news, trends, and even include fun segments that are sure to be loved by your readers! Magazines are highly recommended for retail companies, tech firms, publication companies, or any business that wants to give their customers a more personalized relationship with them!

Bulk Catalog Printing

Printleaf's catalogs are also available in bulk! Orders of five hundred or more copies of catalogs are treated as bulk orders and are produced using a different printing method than standard catalog orders. Standard catalog and magazine orders use digital printing, while bulk catalogs are printed using offset printing, a printing method that is used for larger numbers of a file. Offset printing enables many copies of catalogs to be printed without a noticeable loss of quality, and still come out looking great! If you're attending a large event, such as a trade show or an exhibition, or have many readers on your mailing list, get your catalogs or magazines in bulk!

Short Run Catalogs

Short Run Catalogs

  • Budget marketing tool
  • Display collections, menus, and more
  • Print up to 40 pages front and back
Bulk Catalogs

Bulk Catalogs

  • Order up to 10,000 catalogs
  • Great for more subscribers
  • Uses saddle-stitched binding