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The maximum width for this material is 52 inches. This item will be split with a .4 inch overlay at productions discretion.

Double Sided Window Decals

Winow decals are a great solution to turn your windows into advertising space. Put them up as temporary signage. Rather than banners that need to be hung or supported by stakes, Custom window decals stick to any flat surface. They are also designed with a silver backing that blocks out any underlying images, so they are great idea for updating your brand, logo, or name, and you can use them temporarily over your permanent signage.

Window Cling is either light adhesive-backed or designed to cling by using static and prints in full color on one side. It is designed for display on window glass, though you can also use it on other smooth surfaces. Window decals comes can be ordered in custom sizes.

Max width for this material is 52". For sizes wider than 52", this item will be split with a .4" for at production discretion.



  • Common sizes: 2' x 4', 3' x 6', 4' x 8', 5' x 10'
  • Strong adhesive backing
  • Gloss laminate, Matte laminate, contour cut options available
  • Indoor or Outdoor; Waterproof and UV safe that will last for years


  • 4 mil. Permanent Adhesive


What are Clear Window Decals?

Clear Window Decals are images or graphics that are printed directly onto a sheet of transparent vinyl material. These decals are transparent everywhere except for where the design is. This allows you to display your logo on your window, glass door , etc. Clear Window Decals are used for both outside and inside purposes. The ideal surface they are meant to be used on is glass, but may also be used on plastics, aluminum, refrigerators, etc. These decals are commonly used for advertising, window decorations, office branding, etc.


Clear Window Decals vs Vinyl Lettering

Both vinyl lettering and clear window decals have similar appearances when applied. However, they are very much different. With clear window decals, your design is printed onto a sheet of transparent vinyl, allowing you to use a wide variety of colors, gradients, etc. With vinyl lettering, instead of being printed your design is cut to shape from a solid-colored sheet of vinyl. 


Advanced White-Ink Printing Method

A 2 step process is used when creating your custom window decal. This involves printing a layer of white followed by a layer of colored ink. The white ink layer is only placed where your design will be placed to add contrast and vibrancy to your design. 

Please note that your decal will only be transparent in the area which doesn't contain your design. Therefore we recommend using files that contain a transparent background when uploading your design.


Additional Specs

Weight:                                  .09Ibs per square foot 

Thickness:                             .1mm (about a thickness of a sheet of copy paper)

Details:                                  Transparent vinyl decal easy to install without bubbling when installed wet. Works indoors and outdoors. On refrigerators, glass, plastic, aluminum. 

Use:                                       Indoor and Outdoor, office windows, storefronts, etc.

Print Method:                       4 color process, weather, fade, and abrasion-resistant.

Estimated Lifespan:            3+ years with proper care


Simple Installation

The following instructions will help you install your Clear window Decal easily without any problems. If you are installing a large window decal we would recommend having at least one other person assist you.

1. Before you begin to install your decal we would recommend you to have these supplies to help you install your window decal.

  • Spray bottle
  • Paper towel
  • Window and a application squeegee

2. Begin by cleaning your window to which you intend to put your decal on. After done cleaning take a window squeegee to remove the excess water on the window or give it time to fully dry.

3. Create a decal application solution By putting together 3 drops of dish soap and one gallon of water and place it into a spray bottle.

4. Lay your window decal on a flat, smooth surface and begin to remove the black liner. The backing can be difficult to remove due to its thin properties. The backing is a frosted, semi-transparent material. If you are having problems removing the backing add a piece of tape to the corner of the backing which should help you peel the backing away easier.

5. As you remove the backing apply a good amount of the application solution that was made at step 3 to the back of the decal. Next, spray some application solution to the surface (i.e. window, refrigerator) you intend to attach your decal to. Make sure that both the back of the decal and the intended surface are both sufficiently wet.

6. You can now apply your custom window decal to the intended surface. The application solution allows you to move your decal once it's already attached to the window. You could use this to your benefit and slide around the decal into its final position.

7. Once the decal is at its final position. use the removed backing from the decal and place on the face of your decal which is installed already on your intended surface. Take the application squeegee and run over the decal with it to remove any and all bubbles. When doing so start from the center and go all around (press firmly when applying the squeegee). Continue this process until you went over the entire surface with the squeegee. 

8. Use paper towels to clean the glass surface and to remove excess water from the edges of the decal. (It may take several days for the adhesive to fully dry and bind to the glass surface).



You may wash the window that has the decal applied, but do not power wash your decal after it is installed. When cleaning the decal we recommend using a damp, non-abrasive cloth. This decal may be removed and re-positioned several times. Remove by peeling the decal away from the window and reapplying in the same method as described above.



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