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Do you need large quantities of a printed product? Offset printing will get the job done! Just place your bulk order on our website and Printleaf will print it up in full color and in high-quality. With offset printing, bulk booklets, brochures, magazines and more are a breeze. New Yorkers need everything fast. There's no time to wait around and look for multiple printing companies that can do some of your many print jobs and place orders everywhere. Printleaf is your one-stop-shop for all your bulk printing needs. We never sacrifice quality for quantity, so you can expect high-end results every time you shop with Printleaf.

Offset printing is the process of printing files using plates to color the paper with CMYK colors until the paper is completely filled with color and is finished printing. It's used instead of digital printing when you need to print many copies of a file (we're talking thousands of copies!) whereas digital printing can't do that in high quality. For smaller quantities of orders, also known as short run orders, digital printing is generally recommended. For short run orders, digital printing will successfully deliver rich colors and high-quality with very low turnaround time.

Large quantities of marketing materials are typically printed with offset printing. Here are some marketing materials that you may want to print in bulk (1000+ copies):

  • Booklets
  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Books

These are ideal at higher quantities because of how easily you can distribute them to your customers and other people passing by your business. Is your restaurant or office easy to locate? Do people know about your new products and services? Are your discounts and promotions generating the sales you were expecting? If the answer to any of these questions was a no, it's time to get out and spread the word! Hand out flyers to people on busy streets to gain more exposure for your business! Higher quantities of marketing materials are sure to create more awareness of your business and its products, which will end with more foot traffic coming your way.

Printleaf works with local and large businesses in New York City to print the marketing materials they need to promote their business. If you need many booklets, flyers, or anything else printed fast, come to us for assistance! If you have any questions and want more thorough answers, come by our office in Midtown, Manhattan! You can also check out all of our samples that we've done for previous clients and explore other possibilities about how to promote your book or business.

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