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Featuring a flat tension fabric backwall display, a tension fabric header, a literature and brochure stand, a television monitor bracket and display stand, and a podium (with included carrying case), this unique booth is both versatile and engaging.



Indoor & Outdoor Advertising, Shows, Exhibitions, Events, Fairs, Promotions, Parties, Photo Booths, Press Conferences, Seminars, Concerts etc.


Standard Kit Includes:

  • 1pc 10ft Flat & Durable Tension Fabric Backwall Display
  • 1pc Custom 58in (Width) x 12in (Height) Flat Tension Fabric Header
  • 1pc Custom 6ft (Width) x 7.5ft (Height) x 2.6ft (Depth) 7-Shaped Archy Monitor Display Banner Stand
  • 1pc Monitor Bracket (Supports 40" Monitor up to 32 lbs, VESA Compliant with 200x200, 200x400, 300x300 or 400x400 mm)
  • 1pc Snakelike/Serpentine Brochure & Literature Banner Stand
  • 1pc Hard Case to Podium with Custom Printed Graphic

SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
10' x 10' Graphic + Frame11$3,861.72
10' x 10' Display Graphic Only11$2,188.34
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I customize the tension fabric header with my brand logo?

A: Absolutely! The flat tension fabric header is customizable, allowing you to showcase your brand prominently.


Q: Is the archy monitor display stand easy to assemble?

A: Yes, the 7-shaped archy monitor display stand is designed for easy assembly, providing a unique visual element for your booth.


Q: What is the depth of the 7-shaped archy monitor display stand?

A: The 7-shaped archy monitor display stand has a depth of 2.6ft, providing a stable and space-efficient solution for displaying your monitor.


Q: Can I use the podium without setting up the tension fabric backwall?

A: Yes, the podium can be used independently, offering flexibility for different event setups and presentations.


Q: How portable is the podium carrying case for transportation?

A: The podium carrying case is designed for easy portability, ensuring a hassle-free transportation experience for your events.


Q: Are replacement graphics available for the tension fabric backwall display?

A: Yes, you can order replacement graphics for the tension fabric backwall display to update your booth's look for different occasions.


Q: Can the trade show booth withstand outdoor weather conditions?

A: While designed primarily for indoor use, the booth is durable and can withstand outdoor conditions when weather is favorable.


Q: What is the recommended monitor size for the included bracket?

A: The monitor bracket supports monitors up to 40 inches with a maximum weight of 32 lbs, ensuring compatibility with a range of display options.


Q: Is the literature stand adjustable for different brochure sizes?

A: Yes, the snakelike brochure and literature stand are adjustable, accommodating various brochure sizes for a versatile presentation.


Q: How can I clean and maintain the tension fabric displays?

A: The tension fabric displays are easy to clean with a mild detergent to ensure your booth maintains its polished appearance.

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