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Custom Car Decals

Custom Car Decals Car window decals help you raise awareness about your business while on the go. They're fully customizable and durable, and they come in a variety of colors to match any car! Once installed correctly it will stay there for three years without fading or peeling away--keeping up appearances as well so that people can see who's driving around with them every day.


Vinyl Car Decals | Advertising Decals

The Car Decal is a way to use your car to tell a message, advertising your business. It’s a great way to get noticed by potential customers and increase brand recognition. The vinyl car decal is made from high-quality materials and comes in many different sizes and shapes. You can choose from a wide range of designs and colors to fit your needs.





  • Strong adhesive backing
  • Gloss laminate or Matte laminate options are available
  • Outdoor use, waterproof and UV safe that will last for years




  • 3M Control Tac White



A razor blade may be used to carefully peel out a corner of a decal before you take the remainder decal away from the body or surface of your car. If you use sharp instruments to remove the installation, be cautious not to harm the surface. The majority of vehicle washes are okay to use the decal with, however, avoid using high-pressure water for extended periods of time.



Production for this product is 1 business day, with overnight shipping, so you should get your custom decal in no time.



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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I prepare my car for installation?

First, wash your vehicle surface with mild soap and water, then let it dry.


What are Car Decals?

Custom design car decals are custom stickers that stick onto your car windows. They can be customized with your company logo and contact information.


What are the benefits of car stickers?

Adding car decal stickers to your vehicle is a time-tested way to get your business name and logo seen by potential customers or clients. Fully customizable and made of weather-resistant material, our vinyl car decals are easy to apply and maintain for up to 3 years at a time.


What is the lifespan of these car decals?

with proper care and usage, they have an estimated lifespan of 5+ years.


What material is the car decal printed on?

The car decals are printed on 7 mil White Static Cling 


What sizes do you offer for the car decals?

We offer custom sizes ranging from 12" x 12" to 53" x 1200".


How would I install my Custom Car Decal?

Make sure to clean the application surface area where the decal will be applied before installation. Water and a soft towel or rag can be used for this. Once it has air dried, your decal is ready for installation. Place your decal sticker gently and patiently on the smooth surface. You may get rid of air bubbles as you go by softly pressing it on and using a squeegee or another sharp edge. If you can't get rid of the air bubbles, you ought to be able to peel them off the surface before the glue fully hardens.


How would I store my Car Decal?

The decal cannot be stored after installation because it is a single-use item. Rolling or lying it flat in a cool, dry place is an option for first storage. A heavy object should not be put on top of the decal since it may produce wrinkles.


How can I clean my decal?

Before gently washing down the decal, make sure there are no small pebbles or sharp items present. With a moist or damp towel or rag, you may regularly clean your decal. You should refrain from using a pressure washer and passing through car washes while the decal is on your car.


How can I remove my decals?

The removal of decals that have been on a surface for a long time might occasionally be more challenging. Use caution and take your time removing the decal from any damaged portions of the car. The use of artificial heat (a blow dryer) or parking the car in the sun can assist make it simpler to remove a decal. It is advised to use a sharp edge to prevent harm to the car itself.

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