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#9 Envelope Printing

#9 envelopes, or number 9 envelopes, can be customized to give your mail a great first impression. Make your customers, clients, or guests feel excited about getting mail from your organization! An interesting envelope stands out from the usual stack of ordinary envelopes and will encourage people to read what you have to say and is a great way to increase customer satisfaction and interaction.  Change the colors, patterns, or add graphics to your envelopes to give your recipients a great experience of opening your interesting envelopes. 

Only the front of the envelope (the side without the flap) will have the printed design. Printing is done on the outside of the envelope only. 

Full Color Window Envelopes

#9 envelopes are printed in full color! Take your envelopes to the next level with a colorful design that will make people want to open your envelopes. Full-color envelopes are also great to use if you want to use the #9 envelopes for invitations to events, such as to exhibitions, weddings, and more!

#9 Envelope Sizes

The standard size for #9 envelopes is 8.875" x 3.375" and is slightly smaller than the standard commercial envelope (#10 size). This is the perfect size to send smaller papers, such as invitation cards, brochures with more folds, or other small prints that suit its size. 

#9 Envelope Material

  • 70 lb. Uncoated Paper

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do these envelopes have windows?

No, these are standard #9 envelopes without windows. You can order our window envelopes on our #10 window envelopes page.

Are these envelopes printed in full bleeds?

No, these envelopes are not currently printed using full bleeds. Full bleed envelopes are printed with your design reaching the edges and on both sides of the envelope. Number 9 envelopes are printed with an empty (white) border that is 0.375" away from the edges around the envelope, and only on the front side of the envelope.

Will I receive my order in the turnaround time after placing the order?

After you place your order and upload a design, we will check to see if your design for if it's in the right file size, format, quality (if it looks blurry, difficult to read, etc.) and any other factors that may affect its design to ensure that you get the envelopes that you imagined. After we finalize the design and you approve of it we will then put the envelopes into production, and you should receive the envelopes within the said turnaround time after it's been put into production. 

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