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Custom Fabric Printing

Our printable fabric is a three-layered woven fabric that is 100% Polyester. This fabric is wrinkle-resistant with minimal light reflection. The minimal space between threads on this fabric allows for exceptional print quality and opacity, more than other standard fabrics. Our Custom Cloth Banner is suitable for table tops, photo backdrops, and elegant pop displays. If you are looking for an Outdoor Banner for the same price visit our vinyl banner page. Unfortunately, we currently don't obtain an online design tool on our website but our team of professional graphic designers could get the job done swiftly and efficiently. If you are looking for canvas material check out the custom-rolled Canvas Banner.



  • Max size 96" x 1200"
  • Dye Sublimation
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Washable



  • 9 oz. Wrinkle-Free Polyester Fabric Material 

Fabric Prints - Rush Delivery

Our standard turnaround time is 2 business day delivery, which means if you order on a Monday by 5 pm, you will receive it on Wednesday, that same week.


What Are Fabric Custom Banners

Fabric banners are printed on a 100% polyester, washable, wrinkle-resistant fabric. The 9 oz. polyester offers minimal light reflection, with a light sheen that enhances the dye-sublimated printed design and overall print quality of the banners. The thin threads and tight weave of the banners result in an ultra-durable, lightweight banner. Multiple display options, fully custom and high-quality printing, and the vibrant colors of these banners make them perfect for a wide range of indoor uses including in churches, events, businesses, in-store displays, retail stores, etc.


Versatile Display Options

Hem: Each Cloth Banner is finished with a stitched hem, which reinforces the edges of the banner while giving it a professional look. Hems are sewn with white stitching.

Pole Pockets: Include 3” pole pockets on your custom fabric banner to allow it to be showcased in a variety of ways and settings. Pole pockets are available in a top or top and bottom configuration. Pole pockets are sewn with white stitching.

Grommets: Grommets make it easier to hang or attach your custom cloth banner for display indoors. Grommets are an additional option to your banner and can be placed every 12-18 inches, every 18-24 inches, every 2-3 feet, or in the 4 corners.

How To Display Your Indoor Banner

Use cords, or strings for fabric banners with grommets, to attach the cloth banner to a stationary object, such as poles or fences. For smaller banners, the fabric is light enough to be hung using rope or ribbon for a more beautiful and pleasing look. You can also use screws and washers to install your custom fabric banners to rigid backgrounds such as wood, or concrete. To allow for simple hanging for indoor displays, booths, and more, pole pockets are the perfect option for that. Extended outdoor use or display is not recommended for fabric banners due to the potential of irreversible damage to the fabric and color fading when exposed to the elements.



To care for your fabric banner, regular cleaning is recommended. The Cloth banners can be machine washed on a gentle cycle and machine washed in cold water. Fabric banners should be hung to dry or laid flat. If needed, use a hand steamer to get rid of creases or wrinkles. Do NOT bleach, tumble dry, or iron. To prevent our banner from fading, avoid displaying it in direct sunlight.


Additional Specs

Thickness.02'' (about the thickness of 5 sheets of copy paper)
Details9oz. polyester, reinforced scrim, scratch-resistant, washable, water-resistant, multi-use

Interior use only, or short-term exterior use. Business sales, promotions, tradeshows and conventions, fairs, welcome home, and happy birthday parties, and other personal uses

Print MethodDye-sublimation process, eco-friendly, weather, fade, and abrasion-resistant ink
Estimated Lifespan3+ years for indoor use; 1 year for extended outdoor use

Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do the Cloth banners differ from standard vinyl banners?

Both materials offer unique advantages and disadvantages. Vinyl banners are usually made from 13 oz vinyl while cloth banners are usually made from 9 oz polyester. Vinyl material that is ideal for outdoor use. Vinyl banners are cheaper than cloth banners. Fabric banners are better for indoor use, but they are more expensive. There are many variables to consider when choosing between the two, including cost, durability, size, and installation. 


Are Cloth banners wrinkle-free?

Yes, our fabric banner material is wrinkle-free and wrinkle-resistant with a minimal light reflection.


Are Cloth banners scratch-resistant?

Yes, our fabric banner material is wrinkle-free and wrinkle-resistant with a minimal light reflection.


Do you print in full color?

Yes, we print in full color using dye-sublimation printing. It does not matter how many colors you have in your design, the pricing will be the same.


Can fabric banners be double-sided?

No, currently we do not offer double-sided printing on fabric banners.


Will my large fabric banner have seams?

No. You are able to order your banner in any size up to 96” x 1200” inches and it will be printed on one continuous piece of material. We are also able to print 16' seamless on a different machine, but that will be a custom order request. 


What is the “Dye Sublimation” process and how does it work?

Dye sublimation is a very simple method of printing onto fabric. A print is made using an inkjet printer, then placed onto a special paper called Dye Transfer Paper. The print is then transferred to the fabric using a heat press. The resulting fabric will look exactly like the original print. This process is commonly used for clothing, bags, and other accessories.


My fabric banner is wrinkled/creased. How do I remove the wrinkles?

Banners can often develop wrinkles or creases after shipping or storage. To remove the wrinkles on your banner, use a hand steamer and they should come right out. If you install or hang your fabric banner tightly stretched out, the wrinkles and creases will disappear too.


How do I hang a banner?

Pole pockets on your fabric banner allow for simple hanging for indoor displays, booths, and more. Grommets allow you to hang it on a wall.


What is the estimated lifespan of fabric banners?

We do not recommend using our fabric banners in areas where there is extreme heat or cold as this can cause them to shrink or stretch out over time. We also do not recommend hanging your banner from trees or other structures that could be damaged by wind. If cared for well, they can last about 3+ years.


What are the risks?

Extended outdoor use or display is not recommended for fabric banners due to the potential of irreversible damage to the fabric and color fading when exposed to the elements.


What is the best way to buy fabric banners?

One Day Production - Exceptional Quality - Free Design Services Gorgeous fabric banners made from 9 oz polyester with a dye-sublimated print.


How do I care for my fabric banner?

To care for your fabric banner, regular cleaning is recommended. The fabric banners are machine washable, so chuck them in your washing machine and wash them with cold water on a gentle cycle.


How do I store my sign?

You may keep your signage at room temperature and in a dry place. If at all feasible, roll the banner with the print side facing out to avoid bending or creasing.

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