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Custom Acrylic Photo Prints

An acrylic photo print is a picture printed directly on a plexiglass block. This makes an image look really vivid and an excellent way to showcase a photo. Acrylic photo prints can use a picture of anything you want, such a picture of nature, a picture of the city that your city is based in, a picture of the owners of your business, or more! These photo prints will be loved by both your staff and your customers and look great on nearly all walls. 

Acrylic photo prints are very durable and guaranteed to last for years. They can also be installed outdoors and are tested to be waterproof. Some outdoor applications where you can use it in can be an outdoor restaurant or a rooftop bar! Make customers feel welcomed with a great view of the outside and with your own pictures to embellish your business.

Acrylic Photo Print Sizes & Thickness

Our popular acrylic photo print sizes are:

  • 16" x 24"
  • 20" x 30"
  • 24" x 36"

The thickness of our acrylic photo prints is 1/4". In addition, the width of our photo print can be colored in white, black, folded, or mirrored. A white or black coloring makes the entire width of the plexiglass either black or white. A folded width can stretch the parts of the image into the width of your photo print. Mirrored widths have the color of the image reflected onto the width. 

Acrylic Photo Print Printing Guidelines:

Files must be uploaded before the cut off time, which is 10:00 am. Pacific Time (ET) for orders produced in our West facility and 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time (ET) for orders produced in our East facility. If you request a proof, you must approve your proof by 4:00 p.m. in the time zone your order is produced for turnaround time to begin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I print my own designs on the acrylic photo print?

Yes! Once you make your selections of the products (Size, Quantity), click on the "get started" button to be bought into our online design tool and you can upload your design and make your custom acrylic photo print perfect.  

How to print and design an acrylic photo print?

Are you looking to design your own custom acrylic photo print? Our recommendation is to go with an online printer or a commercial postcard printing company that has the capabilities to print offset with bleeds and larger format prints. This will ensure that you will have a professional acrylic photo print. 

Do you offer pre-made designs for a custom acrylic photo print?

Yes! Printleaf has an in-house design team that is available to help you bring your design idea to fruition. Contact our office at to get design help. 

Will I receive my order in the turnaround time after placing the order?

After you place your order and upload your design, we will check to see if your design has the following:

  • correct file size
  • correct file format
  • high-quality (if it looks blurry, difficult to read, etc.)
  • other factors that may affect its design

After we finalize the design and you approve it, we will then put your Custom Acrylic Photo Prints into production. You should receive the Custom Acrylic Photo Print within the said turnaround time after it's been put into production!

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16" x 24"1100$ 199.98
20" x 30"1100$ 224.65
24" x 36"1100$ 249.74

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