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The maximum width for this material is 52 inches. This item will be split with a .4-inch overlay at the production's discretion.


Custom Wall Decals

Custom Vinyl Wall decals are a way to use your windows to tell a message, whether it's a clearance sale, new inventory arrival, or something less conventional. Wall Decals material applications have expanded beyond the window to include painted walls and smooth surfaces of all kinds. Use Wall Decals for promotional messaging. When you want to display your message on a window or a wall and be able to remove it without leaving residue or pulling paint (in good condition), try Wall Decals. Cover your entire wall with your custom design decal.


Stick Wall Decals

Decorate your interior walls with our stick decals. These art stickers are fade-resistant, durable, and waterproof. It is pressure sensitive to allow easy installation. With a self-adhesive backing, simply peel and stick. Wall Graphic is UV printed and could be used both indoors and outdoor on any flat dry surface. For this product to be a removable wall decal depends on you, whether you choose for it to be low tac or a permanent decal. 

Just like Window Cling but constructed to affix to walls, Floral Decals are light adhesive-backed. They print in full color on one side. It is designed for display on interior walls, though you can also use it on other smooth surfaces. Our Intricate design comes in a range of sizes from 12" x 12" to 1200" wide by 1800" in height. If you are looking for a sticker to be drawn on then check out our Dry Erase Board - Decal Page. 

The most common order options are 3' x 5' on 8mil White Low Tac Wall decal. Wall Decals are printed in full color on one side (4/0).

Max width for this material is 52". For sizes wider than 52", this item will be split with a .4" at production discretion.



  • Ideal for printed wall graphics
  • Contour cut option available
  • Wide Range Of Sizes
  • Durable Vinyl



  • 8mil White Low Tac Fabric Wallpaper


Wall Decal Printing - Rush Delivery

Our standard turnaround time is 1 business day delivery, which means if you order on a Monday by 5 pm, you will receive it on Tuesday, that same week.



The decals may be peeled off the wall for storage. If there is a backing still accessible, put them back on it. For up to a year, keep them at room temperature with a humidity of 50% or less. Avoid folding, rolling too tightly, or placing heavy items on your decals to prevent creasing. Excessive stress might cause wall decals to rip.

Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

Frequently Asked Questions


What do you post on Instagram?

We post different products on social media, Follow us at #Printleaf.


How do I transform a room?

The simplest way to transform the look of a room is with a beautiful wall decal. Buy one from us today and get it the next day.


What are the best ways to add interest?

An animal wall decal bird wall decal floral wall decal are also popular ways to go.


What are the benefits of wall decals?

Unlike paint, wall decals go on quickly and easily and require no tarps, tape, or “wet paint” signs.


What Are Whole Wall Decors?

Instead, take a look at whole-wall decals that give the look of wallpaper minus the messy application process.


What Are Giant Wall Sticker Ideas?

Giant wall stickers can mimic architectural features like stone, brick, or windows.


What are the benefits of wall decals?

Typically, both are meant to be semi-permanent and can be removed or repositioned later.


What is the best way to decorate a kid's room?

For kids' rooms, custom wall decals depicting the child's name, favorite hobby, jersey number, or other personalized designs are common choices.


What are custom wall decals?

Family decals and other custom wall decals are top choices when you want something personal on your walls.


Do you offer different materials?

We offer 2 types of material


  • 4 mil. Permanent Adhesive
  • 8 mil.White low tac fabric wallpaper


Do you offer Custom shapes?

In our price calculator, you can choose the option of Contour Cutting.


Are the stickers removable?

If you pick the low tac option then the decal won't damage your wall when being removed. But, if you pick the permanent decal then there is a chance that it could damage your wall while being removed.


How will I be able to clean my decal?

The decal's non-adhesive side may be wiped on a daily basis with a mildly moist towel or cloth. This will keep the decal clear of smudges and debris and ensure that the printing remains vivid for the length of the sign.


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