Custom Mini Folder Printing

There are many reasons to get a custom mini folder for your organization. For one, they will hold smaller files and documents without them falling out, like how it will from a standard 9" x 12" folder. If your business uses many small documents and papers, such as brochures, postcards, pages from a notepad, etc. on a daily basis, a mini folder will be more optimal than a regular-sized folder.

You can integrate a mini folder into your business to improve efficiency and organization. For example, a non-profit organization would want to use smaller folders to keep their brochures and other pamphlets organized. A restaurant might want to use a mini folder to keep a collection of menus from month to month or by another category. No matter what your industry is, a mini file folder can do wonders for your business!

Mini Folder Dimensions

  • 6" x 9"

This folder size is proportional to the dimensions of the standard sized folder, so if you put them together side by side, your design will also look the same, but scaled-down compared to how it will look on a standard sized folder. The pockets inside the mini folder will be 3" deep so you can take things in and out of the mini folder without the hassle of a pocket that's too deep or so small that your things fall out. Mini folders are designed to comfortably store smaller documents up to half an inch smaller than its dimensions (5.5" x 8.5") inside.

6" x 9"250$ 580.00
500$ 780.00
1000$ 980.00
2000$ 1,380.00
2500$ 1,620.00
3000$ 1,840.00
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