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Bulk Poster Printing

Presentation posters are most often used to provide information in large formats within a business environment. Retail locations often use Posters in Bulk to call attention to specific products or special promotions. Posters can be used as a signage, "point -of purchase" displays, to inform employees in an office, to spread the word of any event, or any place where large graphics are desired.

Aside from marketing and advertising, posters are also perfect as interior decor to cover big, blank wall spaces. The possibilities are truly endless. Poster boards are printed in full color and are available in standard poster sizes 11" x 17", 18" x 24", and 24" x 36".  Posters are printed in bulk batches as small as 25 or as large as 10,000. So, your needs are always covered. For custom sizes check out our Large Format Posters.

Printleaf also offers more robust posters that are mounted to foam core and other materials to showcase your designs in style. Check out mounted prints here. Our minimum quantity to order is 25 bulk posters.


Custom Poster Printing | Outdoor Displays

Personalized Posters are great for promoting events, parties, fundraisers, and much more. They are a wonderful way to promote your company, organization, school, church, club, etc. You can even create unique gifts with personalized posters. With its vibrant colors and high-quality printing, Custom Posters will make a lasting impression on your audience.


Custom Poster Design Features


  • Order from 25 to 10,000 posters
  • Use inside or outside
  • Printed on full-color glossy materials
  • Standard Sizes available from 11" x 17" to 24" x 36"


Poster Design Materials

  • 100ib. Gloss Text


Common Usage

  • Movie Posters 
  • Announcement Posters 
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Storefront Displays
  • Community Bulletin Board
  • Special/Upcoming Events


Bulk Printing- Rush Delivery

Our standard production time is 3 business day delivery, which means if you order on a Monday by 5pm, you will receive it on Thursday, that same week. If you're in New York City, you can even pick up your posters from our Midtown location!

11" x 17"25$42.36
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Frequently Asked Questions 


What are Bulk Posters?

A poster is a print advertisement designed to be displayed outdoors or indoors. It's usually made of paperboard and has a picture or design on one side. 


How do I know what size poster I need?

The first thing you should consider when choosing a poster is how many people will see it. Most posters are designed to be seen from a distance, so they have a larger image than those intended to be viewed up close. This makes them ideal for outdoor use.


What are the benefits of using posters?

Promote your brand indoors & outdoors Order more than 1,000 posters with Vibrant gloss or elegant matte finish Choose from impressive paper & cardstock options


What are the different types of posters?

Posters are go-to promotional tools for marketing and political campaigns, event announcements, and business advertising.


What are the common uses for Bulk Posters?

Personalized Posters are great for promoting events, parties, fundraisers, and much more. They are a wonderful way to promote your company, organization, school, church, club, etc. You can even create unique gifts with personalized posters.


What size posters do you offer?

We offer three standard poster sizes. 11" x 17", 18" x 24", 24" x 36".


What material is the Bulk Poster printed on?

100 Ib. Gloss Text.


How are the posters packaged?

The posters will be rolled together and stored inside an appropriate-sized plastic tube(s) with a lid depending on the size of the poster. It's recommended to be gentle when taking out the posters from the tube as it may be vulnerable to nail marks or the edges folding when taking the poster out from the tube too quickly.


Will I receive my order in the turnaround time after placing the order?

After you place your order and upload a design, we will check to see if your design for if it's in the right file size, format, quality (if it looks blurry, difficult to read, etc.) and any other factors that may affect its design to ensure that you get the posters that you imagined. After we finalize the design and you approve of it we will then put the posters into production, and you should receive the posters within the said turnaround time after it's been put into production.


What are some common mistakes to avoid when printing posters?

When it comes to printing posters, there are a few mistakes that people tend to make often. For starters, overloading your poster with too many fonts or images can make it look messy and unprofessional. Additionally, using very large font sizes is crucial for making your poster readable from a distance.

Another common mistake is not taking the time to find a reputable printer that can produce high-quality results. It's important to do your research in order to find a print shop that has experience printing posters in the size and format you need. And finally, don't forget to proofread your poster before sending it off! A quick once-over can help catch any errors that may have slipped past you during the editing process.

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