Custom Tablecloths

Fitted tablecloths make finding your business easy at crowded events like trade shows or exhibitions! Fitted table throws easily fit around and wrap any table up to six feet wide, so they're great for larger tables at a booth! With a bigger table, you're also more likely to be seen in a very busy setting. A colorful table throw will naturally stand out at an event, and make more people visit your booth and check your business out!

With the fitted table throw, your table will be completely covered in a tight yet smooth fit. Because there will be no loose parts of the table throw hanging around, the table will look very professional and elegant, which will create a fantastic first impression on your visitors!

The front of the table throw will display your artwork, which will be printed using dye-sublimation. The fitted table throw is made up of a polyester poplin which will be very durable and won't rip or wrinkle easily. If you wish to reuse it for other events, you can even wash the table throw and set it up again easily for your next occasion!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will I receive my order in the turnaround time after placing the order?
  • correct file size
  • correct file format
  • high-quality (if it looks blurry, difficult to read, etc.)
  • other factors that may affect its design

After we finalize the design and you approve it, we will then put your tablecloths into production. You should receive the tablecloth within the said turnaround time after it's been put into production!

What if I have questions regarding the different tablecloth options?

Printleaf is here to help you throughout the printing process. Printleaf's would be happy to talk with you to help you choose the option that is best for you. Contact us to discuss your order.

6 Ft. Tablecloths

6 ft Tablecloth

  • Fits into tables and podiums
  • Made with polyester fabric
  • Washable
8 Ft. Tablecloths

8 ft Tablecloth

  • Easy to be seen
  • Durable without wrinkles
  • Reuseable
6 Ft. Fitted Tablecloths

6 ft Fitted Tablecloth

  • Fits tightly around tables with no loose ends
  • Printed using dye-sublimation
  • Durable and reusable for future events!
8 Ft. Fitted Tablecloths

8 ft Fitted Tablecloth

  • Fitted table throws that are easy to spot
  • Great for large tables
  • Colorful and stand out in any settings
Table Topper Cover

Table Topper Cover

  • Full color printing
  • Choice of 6ft and 8ft sizes
  • Colorful and stand out in any setting
Table Runners

Table Runner

  • Quick and easy decoration item for any table
  • Your design will be printed in full color
  • Lightweight and portable