A business card is a great way to inform people of your prosperous business. Include the name of your business, and the contact information of its owner. It's that easy, and all you have to do is hand it to your customer and client. A great way of distributing your business cards is to include one in every delivery or transaction that you do. That way, customers will quickly know who to contact and how to contact them so they can do business with you again. Plus, the better a business card looks, the more likely they are to hold on to your card so that they can keep your business in mind.

Standard business cards come with your choice of 14 pt. uncoated, 14 pt. cardstock gloss, 16 pt. cardstock gloss matte, or 100# white linen uncoated. The higher the point (pt.) of the paper, the thicker the paper will be, meaning 16 pt. cardstock will be thicker than the 14 pt. cardstock. 14 pt. cardstock is recommended if you need a short-use business card for corporate purposes, or if you want to distribute large amounts of business cards. If you want to choose quality over quantity, the 16 pt. cardstock is recommended.

The business card dimensions in the U.S. are 3.5" x 2". This size of the business card will fit comfortably into wallets, cardholders, and small pockets. The standard size for business cards is different in other countries, so it's important to consider where you will distribute your business cards to have an optimal impression.

Same day business cards in NYC are suited for fast-paced businesses. Sometimes you'll need a business card for an unexpected event or meeting immediately. That's where we come in. Same day business cards are guaranteed to be ready on the same business day that you order them. Printed with highly durable 16 pt. Cardstock featuring a matte finish, so your card will not break easily and still look very presentable. Same day business cards will be printed in high quality, full color on the front side or both sides, and the best part is that no one will be able to tell that it was rushed.

We will make sure that our customer service will be as fast as our production to understand exactly what you need and any quick edits you have at a moment's notice. With Printleaf, you know that you won't have a card that looks like quality is sacrificed just to make a deadline. We are all about ensuring excellence at every level of our products, and we can guarantee that same day business cards will be the same.

We can prepare exceptional business cards the same day that you order them if you order them by 12 PM EST. We will have them available for you to pick up at 6 PM EST at our office located in Midtown, Manhattan. Or if you prefer, we can ship it to you overnight to your office, conference, or presentation so you'll get them right when you need them. Contact our sales team for more information.

Standard Business Cards

Standard Business Cards

  • Premium paper options
  • Choice of 4 paper stocks
  • Printed in full color