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Custom Yard Signs | Corrugated Plastic Yard Sign

Foamboard printing is a cost-efficient method of displaying your ideas, whether you are an artist or creating presentations for work. Whether you are creating a presentation to pitch to investors or having an idea that you want to see come into fruition, there are many benefits to using foam board printing over other services. Place your Foam Board in high traffic areas tp attract attention with your custom design.

Primary Usage

  • Political Campaigns 
  • Custom Lawn Signs
  • Real Estate Sign
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Special Event

Single-Sided or Double-Sided?

Foam board printing can be used to print your content on either one or both sides of the board. This allows for you to have double-sided foamboard printing if desired. The thickness we offer is .125" inches thick, so it's important to pay attention when ordering. We print on a 48" x 96" sheet. The size of your artwork will determine how many we can fit on the sheet. Double-sided foam board printing allows for easier transportation, as well as prevents the print from getting damaged.


Direct Poster Board Printing

We print directly onto the poster board using the latest large format printing technology. This allows us to print high-quality images in large quantities. We also offer edge-to-edge printing, which gives the appearance that your piece was created only by you. When using this service there is no need for foamboard or mounting supplies due to the construction of the material.


Mounted posters

Mounted posters, foam boards, and fourscore are different terms saying the same thing. Mounted posters are great for visual presentations, or anywhere you need to showcase your piece.


Features of Corrugated Plastic Signs


  • A .125" thickness allows the board to maintain its rigidity while remaining lightweight.
  • Mounted boards are printed on one side with vibrant colors, double-sided printing is available
  • Print directly onto the foam board so no mounting or framing supplies are necessary.
  • Lightweight and portable: These boards are easy to transport anywhere
  • Available in white foam-core material


Popular Sizes


  • 12" x 12" (32 per sheet)
  • 12" x 18" (20 per sheet)
  • 16" x 24" (12 per sheet)
  • 24" x 36" (5 per sheet)
  • 24" x 48" (4 per sheet)


Printing Process

All pieces are printed one at a time using our top-quality large format printers with state-of-the-art technology. We don't use any ink, paper, or heating elements that could cause damage or fade over time so you can expect vibrant colors that last for years to come.

Our printing process is environmentally friendly including all waste removal during the entire process so you can feel good about creating breathtaking artwork knowing you have done it.



Production starts after approval, which is then going to be delivered in 1 business day.


Presentation Printing

Visual presentations are an important aspect of your career and we want to help you get the best results. Every file gets inspected by our team before it goes into production. Our team looks forward to helping you with your foam board printing and mounted poster needs and ensuring that your ideas come alive in print!

The benefits of using foam board printing over other methods: cost-efficient, lightweight, portable, and great for artists & professionals such as presenters/designers.

SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
12" x 12" (32 per sheet)1100$151.25
12" x 18" (20 per sheet)1100$151.25
18" x 24" (10 per sheet)1100$151.25
24" x 36" (5 per sheet)1100$151.25
24" x 48" (4 per sheet)1100$151.25
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Frequently Asked Questions


What are Bulk yard Signs?

Yard signs are a type of outdoor advertising sign made out of corrugated plastic. They are usually used to advertise businesses, organizations, and events. They are typically used outdoors because they are weatherproof and durable. Yard signs are often seen around town and neighborhoods. They are commonly found along roadsides, near schools, and parks.


What are the benefits of Bulk yard signs?

Yard signs have been around for a long time and they're as effective today as they've ever been...probably more so given the high volume of traffic these days.


How Long Will Bulk Yard Signs Last?

Because they're printed with high-quality UV inks, you'll have the same sharp text and images after 2+ years of outdoor use.


How do I mount my Bulk yard signs?

Corrugated plastic yard signs can be mounted in a variety of ways, but most people mount them on metal stakes called "h-wires" or step stakes.


Do your Bulk Yard Signs come with Wire Stakes?

You have the option to pick your sign to come with stakes in the price calculator.


What material are the Bulk yard Signs printed on?

Our Yard Signs are printed On 4 mil Coroplast.


What Sizes do you offer for your Bulk yard Signs?

We offer a wide variety of sizes ranging from 12" x 12"  to 24" x 48".


Are the Bulk Yard Signs weather resistant?

Yes, and due to being printed with UV ink, it makes them fade-resistant.


How would I clean my Bulk Yard Sign?

Just simply take a spray bottle and wet rag and wipe down your yard sign from any and all dirt.


How would I store my Bulk yard Signs?

Try to store them in dry locations. Avoid bending your Yard Signs, which will cause permanent damage. Try to also store them separately from the stakes. Do not put anything heavy on top of the yard signs.

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