• Choose from many fold options 
  • Print on one side or both sides
  • Made with glossy paper and text
Bulk Posters

Bulk Posters

  • Order from 25 to 10,000 posters
  • Use inside or outside
  • Made with 100 lb. gloss text


  • Pick from uncoated or glossy paper
  • Front and back printing available
  • Great form of personalized marketing
Same Day Postcards

Same Day Postcards

  • Order by 12pm (EST)
  • Printed in full color
  • Different sizes offered
Trading Cards

Trading Cards

  • Great way of distinguishing a brand
  • Printed on glossy matte cardstock
  • Fun for business and personal use

Marketing Materials Printing

Printleaf is a marketing materials company that specializes in making high quality printed marketing items for businesses to distribute to their customers, clients, users, subscribers, or anyone else interested in their business! A marketing materials list may vary from business to business depending on their size and which crowd they want to attract. However, companies and organizations of all sizes should have custom made brochures and postcards to give out to people that want to learn more about their business, services, missions, or other information that will convert them into customers. Marketing materials for small businesses are especially invaluable to have so that you can hand them out to people in your community or the local area, so your brand is well known and trusted by local customers and communities!


Marketing Items with Logo

One of the best things you can do for your business or organization is to establish a brand image. It gives people an idea about what your organization is all about and something to remember it by. A few ways to create a brand image is by using a logo and a slogan for your company. Not only are they great for making your business more memorable, but people will also appreciate your originality in them! Your logo and slogan should always be with your business's name in every place that it's printed on so that it can catch people's attention and build your authenticity. No matter what kind of logo you have, Printleaf can print it on any marketing item! 


Custom Brochure Printing

Brochures are a very common marketing item choice for a number of reasons. First, they display information about a product or service in a very interesting way. With the many different folding options brochures have, there are many ways to present information to generate leads for your products and services! The cover panel of the brochure should include an interesting design to get a reader's attention, as well as your organization's name, logo, slogans, and messages. 

Many different institutions and stores use brochures for a variety of applications. Small shop owners may use them as flyers to promote their products. Show producers can use them to introduce different performers at a venue. Brochures are a staple marketing material for real estate agents to give people an open house experience without actually having to go to the property. Many restaurants and bars use brochures as menus. Brochures are very common marketing items for schools because they can show the different courses, programs, and perks a school has to offer in just a couple panels, as well as a medium to show prospective students and faculty photos of the campus. 


Custom Printed Postcards

Postcards are another popular marketing material idea because they can be used in many areas, and allow for more personalized marketing. For example, a postcard can be given to attendants at an event or trade show as a keepsake so they can remember your organization after the event. Hotels and travel agencies may give out postcards to give them a reminder of the good times visitors had at their stays or travels. The best thing about postcards are that they're designed to be passed around. If you give out postcards with your logo on them, then it will definitely be seen by many other people aside from the person you gave it to! This makes postcards great for marketing and brand exposure.

There is also a same day postcard printing option from Printleaf (available before 12:00 PM EST). You can pick the same day postcards up from our NYC office, or have it delivered next day to you! 


Marketing Items in Bulk

Both of Printleaf's brochures and postcards are available in bulk quantities. Even with larger volumes, we can still print bulk quantities fast without losing quality! Bulk brochures and bulk postcards are printed via offset printing, which makes it possible to print many copies of brochures, postcards, or other printed materials at a fast timeframe. Ordering in bulk is ideal if you have many people that you can hand out your marketing items to at many different events.