Matte Presentation Folders

Never lose track of your papers again with folders to organize all your paperwork! No matter what line of work you're in, your business needs folders. Whether it's for a presentation or not, a folder will keep all your important files and documents in a safe place. Matte presentations folders keep a neat record of relevant files necessary to reference during the presentation and the matte finish gives it an extra shine. Label your folders by date so you don't spend long hours looking for an invoice or form! If you manage a school or university, represent your institution with a folder with the school's name and logo. Even non-profit organizations use folders to keep their pamphlets and fliers. With so many reasons to use folders, you can't go wrong by investing in them for your company or organization!

Custom Silk Folders

Printleaf can print your design, logo, name, or any other text to create a custom paper folder. Premium silk folders are also available, and very popular for corporate meetings and presentations. Use silk presentation folders for a professional, luxurious look. Plus, they feel great!

Product Dimensions

  • 9" x 12" (standard)

The standard folder size is 9" x 12", which will comfortably fit all papers that are 8.5" x 11" in size (standard U.S. paper size). The pockets are 4" for this size, guaranteeing that you can easily take your papers in and out of the folders without it falling out on its own.

Also Suggested


  • Labels are typically stuck on folders to organize them according to dates, clients, or other categories. Combine our folders with our custom printed labels to increase organization in your business!


  • Your folder wouldn't be complete without papers or forms sporting your company logo and contact information to put inside the folder's pockets. Try our letterhead papers so you can provide on the spot branded paperwork at a presentation or event and impress everyone in the room!

9" x 12"50$ 490.00
100$ 660.00
250$ 810.00
500$ 1,020.00
1000$ 1,230.00
2000$ 1,870.00
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