Trade Show Pop Up Displays

Pop-up displays will really make your business pop out! Pop up displays are large, so they're perfect for presenting your design or graphics to many people at any event, no matter how crowded it is. There are many forms of pop up displays and come in many sizes, so you can get huge displays for busy events, smaller displays for smaller events, or backlit displays for trade shows or exhibitions taking place in darker venues.

If you run a business, then you should consider getting a pop-up display to use for a trade show, exhibition, or convention. You always want to make the most out of any event that you attend to promote your business and expose your brand to as many people as possible. A pop-up display will add more life to your booth and make it more interesting, which makes more people recognize your brand and services! In the end, it will result in more people turning into new customers and clients for your business.

Floor Displays for Trade Shows

Some pop-up displays are also known as floor displays. Floor displays are just like pop-up displays and present large graphics in a sturdy way, but have rounded corners instead of sharp corners. If you prefer rounded corners to display your graphic, then bring a floor display for your next trade show!

Celebrate with Pop Up Backdrop Displays

Pop-up displays aren't just used for trade shows, but can be used for all kinds of events! This includes corporate dinners and outings, or even celebrations that call for some large props. Whatever the occasion is, a pop-up display will definitely stand out due to its size and appearance and become a major talking point during the event. People will love it and use it as backdrops for their photos, which will eventually lead to even more exposure for your brand when those photos are posted on social media.

Pop Up Display Instructions

Printleaf's pop up displays are very fast and easy to set up with an estimated time of assembly is around ten minutes. Pop-up displays include a fabric that your graphic was printed on and hardware that contracts and expands, that you will wrap the display around. While the exact instructions to set up a pop up display differ, they normally follow the same procedure. To install the graphic onto the display, sit the hardware down and expand all the way. Once expanded, fasten all the locks within the hardware to maintain its position. Afterwards, line up the fabric to the hardware and attach them together. Now you'll be all set for a trade show!

4 Ft. Backlit Pop Up Display

4 ft Backlit Pop Up Display

  • Lit up using LED lights
  • Made with premium woven polyester
  • Pick from multiple sizes
5 Ft. Backlit Pop Up Display

5 ft Backlit Pop Up Display

  • Promote products or services
  • Graphics gleam with quality
  • Can be used indoor
7 Ft. Backlit Pop Up Display

7 ft Backlit Pop Up Display

  • Make graphics shine in the dark
  • Durable fabric display
  • Flexible product usage.